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MBTI® Workshops Canberra

We help Canberra and regional ACT based businesses understand how to use personality differences to enhance personal and team effectiveness via customised MBTI® workshops.

Why use MBTI®

The MBTI ® personality inventory is one of the most widely used personality profilers in the world. Developed by Isabel Briggs-Myers and Katharine Briggs and based on the work of Carl Jung, this powerful tool is used to promote diversity and the appreciation of difference to build authentic, collaborative and productive team relationships. It’s backed by more than fifty years of scientific research and is used by 89 out of the 100 Fortune 100 companies to maximise team and individual performance.

teamwork via MBTI workshops

Knowing your Personality Type

Knowing your personality type in the workplace is extremely beneficial. Here’s why:

At work, if we lack understanding of what might influence someone’s behaviour conflict or misunderstanding can arise. This is especially true where we see this behaviour as very different from our own. In a People Smart workshop, using the results from your individual MBTI® personality inventory, you will learn how to understand and work with difference. You will have the tools to be able to develop strategies for more productive ways of communicating and working together as a team. This knowledge can help individuals and teams be more productive, leading to higher performance and greater work satisfaction.

How to overcome Personality Differences

Working with people who have a different personality type to us can be challenging. If we don’t have an agreed way of communicating, then we might find dealing with stress, solving problems or making decisions more difficult than it needs to be.

  • Significantly improve workplace productivity.
  • Understanding each other’s personality preferences.
  • Better utilise each other’s strengths.
  • Achieve desired common outcomes with better cohesion.

A Face to Face Learning Experience

There are numerous ways you can get information about your personality type. There are free online tests of varying quality and integrity. You might choose to read about different personality types and try to guess yours. It’s a hit and miss approach.

How is a PeopleSmart workshop different?

At a People Smart workshop, you will have the opportunity to complete a genuine MBTI® personality inventory and the result will be thoroughly debriefed by an accredited MBTI® practitioner. You and your team will have the opportunity to explore how you can apply what you have learned to your workplace context. This helps to create a learning experience which Is informative, practical and dynamic.

Ready to get started with an MBTI® Workshop?