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Personal & Small Group Coaching

We provide engaging and interactive workshops using the world-renowned MBTI® personality profile to help our clients build strong, high performing teams who achieve highly productive outcomes.

Why Use People Smart?

With the guidance of an accredited MBTI® practitioner as your coach, personal and small-group coaching is an excellent way to explore your personality type in depth. In consultation with you, they will advise on the best type of MBTI® report to suit your learning needs. You can choose a one-on-one session or a small group coaching session of up to 6 participants.

Why Coaching?

Coaching is widely recognised as an effective and empowering way to set and achieve personal and professional goals. It’s founded on the unwavering belief that adults are excellent problem solvers and with the support and guidance of a coach individuals can experience growth, overcome obstacles to their development and fast-track their way to achieving their potential at work.

In addition to the productivity and morale boosting benefits that come from coaching, individuals gain a renewed sense of self-belief, a better understanding of what may be blocking their growth, and a clear plan on how they will execute their plan to achieve their goals.

Coaching and MBTI®

Understanding your personality preferences is a vital first step towards achieving your goals. Insights gained from undertaking a MBTI® personality inventory can be profound; with the guidance of a coach, these insights can be translated into new ways of thinking and behaving that will lead to better outcomes for both you and your team.

Although the Understanding Your Work Preferences with MBTI® workshop can have tremendous benefits from a team building perspective, taking a more personal approach will help you to accelerate your development. The MBTI® personality inventory can reveal hidden gems which can be explored over time in the context of your achievement goals, whether this is to realise your personal potential or to improve your relationships at work.

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What Happens During a Coaching Session

Think of one-on-one or small group personal coaching as a guided conversation with your coach who uses expert questioning to help you identify your goals and outline the steps you’ll need to undertake to achieve them. Sessions typically involve:

  1. getting a clear picture of your current reality
  2. evaluating your options
  3. creating a plan on how you will achieve your goals
  4. identifying what support you might need along the way

Coaching is an invigorating and at times challenging process that will lead you towards achieving your potential.

Ready to get started with an MBTI® Workshop?