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About Us

Our sole mission is to help people work together in the most effective way and enjoy their relationships at work. Continue reading to see how we achieve this mission.

Our Company

We believe in being “people smart”. Our sole mission is to help people work together in the most effective way and enjoy their relationships at work. The more “people smart” we are, the more likely we are to achieve this objective.

We do this by helping individuals and teams increase their awareness of differences and psychological preferences. With this knowledge, we’re in a better position to see how these aspects can be used to build authentic, collaborative and productive relationships within and across teams.

Using the world-renowned MBTI ® personality assessment inventory we help individuals and teams to understand their psychological type. Once understood, we can apply this knowledge to improve performance at work and to create value for the organisation.

Our Founder

People Smart was founded by Tania Horozides and was born out of her passion to inspire behaviour change, and to provide people with practical tools and insights to increase their behavioural flexibility. When Tania was initially exposed to the MBTI® in her workplace she experienced first-hand the powerful results this tool can generate and has been using the tool in her own business ever since.

With over 20 years’ experience as a facilitator, consultant and coach Tania has earned a reputation for being highly engaging and inspiring facilitator and coach. Tania has a Master of Training and Development, Bachelor of Behavioural Sciences (with Honours) among other vocational qualifications. She is a certified Life Styles Inventory practitioner and a certified MBTI® Step I and II practitioner.

The MBTI® logo is a registered trademark of the Myers and Briggs Foundation in the United States and other countries.

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Our clients range from ASX 200 companies, to large charitable organisations and some small businesses who are striving to expand. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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  • (03) 8676 0734 , 1 300 119 288
  • info@people-smart.com.au
  • Level 8, 350 Collins Street Melbourne 3000