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Personality Types

Complete overview of the 16 Personality Types. Free, in-depth and practical information on the 16 personality types. Learn what the core traits of each personality type is and what they mean.
  • ISTJ

    ISTJ Personality Type

    Approach their work in a thorough, systematic way while paying attention to detail. Orderly both at home and at work, they are someone you can depend upon to get things done. They are steadfast and remain loyal. At times can be rigid and inflexible and may forget the social niceties at work.

  • ISFJ

    ISFJ Personality Type

    Devoted workers who are cooperative and thoughtful of others, making sure that the practical needs of others are acted upon. They are patient, meticulous and conscientious and often perceived as quiet. May be excessively cautious and overly accommodative of others.

  • INFJ

    INFJ Personality Type

    Insightful and methodical workers who persuade others by sharing their vision. Prefer to work alone or with like-minded people and use solitude to reflect and to generate ideas. Idealistic, deep and preferring to keep to themselves may lead them to feeling their ideas are being overlooked.

  • INTJ

    INTJ Personality Type

    Independent workers who see future possibilities and act to achieve their goals. They can take on complex challenges and use their creative insights to devise strategies and systems to achieve their goals. At times, they may appear aloof and single-minded, often keeping their ideas to themselves believing others will agree with them.

  • ISTP

    ISTP Personality Type

    Trouble-shooters who work out practical and expedient ways to solve problems. Painstakingly accurate in their work and influenced by reason. They pay attention to people who are important to them and treat people equally. Prone to cutting corners or lacking in follow through.

  • ISFP

    ISFP Personality Type

    Caring workers who like to ensure the wellbeing of others, they live in the present and prefer to execute their responsibilities at their own pace. They find joy in work and their cooperative nature means they can unite people on tasks. Can be overly hard on themselves and might feel unappreciated by others.

  • INFP

    INFP Personality Type

    Idealistic and driven by their inner values with a tendency to work in short bursts. May find routine tasks tedious unless they are perceived as meaningful. Like to unite people around a common purpose and seek new ideas. May tend to prefer to reflect than act and their drive for perfection may hinder progress with tasks.

  • INTP

    INTP Personality Type

    Independent problem solvers who are swift thinkers, they bring original thought and an intellectual perspective to situations. They are autonomous workers who may find routine tasks difficult, preferring to research or analyse a problem they find interesting. Prone to over-intellectualising, they can dwell on inconsistencies at the expense of team work.

  • ESTP

    ESTP Personality Type

    Driven to find the quickest route to getting the job done and take calculated risks. They are lively, action-oriented and pragmatic and make decisions by logical analysis. May come across as blunt and might lack awareness of their impact on others.

  • ESFP

    ESFP Personality Type

    Gregarious, likable and enjoy working in groups with people who work at the same fast pace as them. Team players who like to learn by doing and offer alternative views according to common sense. May lose focus on tasks preferring to spend time to socialise.

  • ENFP

    ENFP Personality Type

    Energetic and innovative, they focus on possibilities and embrace change often bringing other people along with them. They are friendly and sociable, bring a creative energy to projects and enjoy variety. May tend to move from project to project without finishing previous work.

  • ENTP

    ENTP Personality Type

    Strategic and enthusiastic innovators, they are enterprising workers who are good at reading people. Their energy enables them to get others on board with their vision and they like to debate ideas. They are often outspoken and may be perceived by others as abrupt and unappreciative of other people’s contributions.

  • ESTJ

    ESTJ Personality Type

    Like to organise people and resources and get things done on time by taking charge. Decisive and tough-minded, they are quick to find flaws and have a matter-of-fact approach. May be resistant to changes if they believe current systems work well enough.

  • ESFJ

    ESFJ Personality Type

    Valuing stability and security, they are orderly, complete tasks on time and make sure their work is accurate. They have a desire to please others whom they personally care for at work and like to follow the rules and respect authority. Can lack objectivity and deny problems exist.

  • ENFJ

    ENFJ Personality Type

    Highly attuned to others, they like to help people to achieve their potential. They encourage cooperation and like to improve situations for people with strong ideals on how people should be treated at work. They like closure on situations and may take criticism to heart.

  • ENTJ

    ENTJ Personality Type

    They like to solve organisational problems and like to mobilise people in what they perceive to be to right direction. Adding structure and strategies towards goals, they are logical, organised and objective. Being task-focused they may overlook the needs of others and fail to show appreciation.

Adapted from Introduction to Myers-Briggs® Type in Organiazations, 4th edition, by Sandra Hirsh and Jean Kummerow.